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31 December 2012 @ 11:59 pm


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hmm.. is there any secret Santa out there? hahahahah.. *hopeful*

in any way,, 。∠(* ̄  ̄)〃∇〃)η .。.:*・゚Merry Christmas!!:*・゚。:.*
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08 December 2009 @ 08:55 pm
I don't know if you *yes, YOU. or Mom and Dad? hello~^^* notice,, but I made some friends-only entries public :D did clean up here and there, updated the intro post and corrected those cluttered tags :X

So anyway. Today is tante Dewi's birthday so we went for lunch. I didn't know where the restaurant was but it's called "Zen Garden". DUDE. I've been wanting to take my parents to that dimsum place in forever! Mom and I have been there once with people from church. She wants Dad to try eating there too, but I had no idea where it is since i didn't even know its name to search it. >_< Later if Mom, Dad and my sister come again, I'm SO gonna bring them there :DD

I went with Marcell and Sinton. I'm pretty sure that's how to spell his name. :3 We did talk but it was all random chat XD I only know that he is Indonesian, a college student(?), living in Canada. Seattle. Both. Okay I don't know XDD;; Then tante Dewi, oma and Flanery(?) arrived. Yo, am I the worst spelling-bee or whut? >_>" The dimsum was good! Their shrimp rolls, chicken feet and siomay taste like the ones in Hotel Acacia.. :9 I ended up eating too much..hahah.. -w- Took some pics but I'm not sure with whose cameras,, I'll ask later. Mmm..sleepy-head is tired now. So yeah.. that's it for today, I guess? Buh-bye~
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05 December 2009 @ 09:26 pm
I have materials to read for final exams preparation next week but my brain refused to work XD;; so I did something else instead :P ↙↙

Sugar cookie!! yumm yumm~ I used fondant for the pig nose and melted chocolate bark for ribbon ;9 I tried making the plush too ㅋㅋㅋ

errr..doesn't look like the real pig-rabbit at all, but whatever.. XD

*goes away to start reading piles of paper*

Ima put real update later :'D til Christmas holiday comes,, bye bye~

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26 November 2009 @ 06:43 pm
OMG i can't believe "You're Beautiful" drama *is really over.. ;___; I don't usually watch dramas but i'll tell you,, that drama was awesome so go watch it!! *0* Dude. I miss A.N.JELL already~~ even president Ahn, manager Ma, Wang coordi and that lame bitch Heeyi. :C Anyway,, seeing Minyu collecting photos of star,, i wanna try too..hahah! XDDD

These are what i could find so far.. Above pic is a shoe lace, below is obviously a chocolate pop. Or whatever it's called. XD I'll try to find more :D Go-go-go! Jackpot!! *chants like president Ahn* lmao.. XD

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17 November 2009 @ 07:55 pm
Went to Alderwood Mall with Marchelia on last Friday. Planned to do window shopping only but ended up getting a dress. =.= But it's purple and pretty~ I couldn't help but grab it to the cashier.. >w<" Even my mom likes it..haha ^^ (I showed it to her on FB)

To my surprise,, the cashier girl was Greg!! :D We were in the same business class with prof.Bell last year. I actually didn't recognized her,, she was the one who did. She's nice and loud as! Hopefully next time we could hang out together! Thanksgiving, maybe? :)*

Pics of the dress :3 I couldn't take full pic D: sorry I'm an old fug.. =u=

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02 November 2009 @ 08:21 am
Not really an update since nothing much happened in these past weeks XD I'll just write whatever appears in my mind..haha :P

This weekend started earlier on Wednesday. ^^ Slept through the day until day to pay off the lack of sleep during previous weeks~ lol. I ate too much sweets again :X Now I have more pounds to lose.. T__T" I planned to exercise but it rains all the time. Obviously this lazy bummer prefer to snuggle in blanket while lazying around..lmao XD

I need more money!!! *cries* sheesh. now I sound like a materialistic girl, don't I? >__> But textbooks really consumed a lot, like $700ish for four subjects. Tuition, room rent, phone bill, not to mention I spent much on unimportant stuff too..hahaha.. -__-" There all my quarterly allowance gone... I feel so bad to my parents for constantly draining their money. I need to start working and have my own income... Y___Y

I don't know what else to write XD that's basically everything in my mind right now~ I'm sure no one wants to read another rant about how tiring school is, right? :) Oh, I did a cover of "말도 없이" (You're Beautiful OST)! XD it's my first time ever, so hopefully I didn't ruin the song that much.. -w-;;

just listen and comment there if you want :3 that's all..bye now! ^^


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26 October 2009 @ 03:12 pm

G-Dragon never fails to amuse me! :D I just LOVE this MV so much.. ♥
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17 October 2009 @ 10:23 pm

Permias Seattle held a fund-raising to help earthquake victims in Padang. We could sell any kind of Indonesian food and the revenue would be gathered as the donation. I helped a friend to sell "martabak", glad they were sold out! :D Then we went to eat cupcakes in Wallingford area after that..

I got chocolate...something (forgot the name XD;) and Red Velvet ♥

...and Carrot Walnut, Lemon Coconut, Triple Coconut and Red Velvet for to-go! ^^ How I wish I could make pretty cupcakes like these.. I'll try to make cupcakes again this weekend~~ keeps fingers crossed :X

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13 October 2009 @ 06:34 am
“Like a broken record player, I was left repeating that same line. Copying exactly what he said, as a lonely mockingbird, echoing the words of the last song it will ever hear….”
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09 October 2009 @ 11:03 am

Pure awesomeness! *__* ♥ I wish baby Pooh was there too.. Y__Y
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03 October 2009 @ 08:59 am
This Saturday is Chuseok day! It's a Korean day to celebrate harvest time, similar to Thanksgiving in USA. I'm gonna go to International District this noon with some friends to celebrate it! ^^ I cooked some foods while waiting for them, just made bulgogi and ddeokbboki as usual. Hopefully they will like them~kekeke :P I'll post pics later when I get back tonight if I remember.. ;)
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24 September 2009 @ 02:58 pm

Hufft..last night I finally arrived after a LONG flight from Jakarta to Taipei to Seattle. Almost 24-hours sitting on a coach.. ><” Glad I brought iPod nano, a few comics, sudoku book and some snacks with me.. :D I met a guy named Douglas - he’s so talkative! We ended up chatting about random stuff, even commenting on all movies we watched and meals served on the plane! XD It was a pleasant trip after all.. :)

I arrived at around 7PM, picked up by Marcell. We straightly go to my home because I was really tired. No one was at home yet, so I just slept without cleaning up the room~kekekeke :P I went to college today but didn’t attend any class because I don’t have textbooks yet. I need to buy all of them asap so I wouldn’t miss classes anymore… >3<

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04 July 2009 @ 03:06 am
Jane had no working schedule today yesterday, so we planned to hang out together. I went to Maria's home and waited there until Jane came to pick us up. We decided to go to Edmonds beach, but none of us knows the direction! XD We got there fast, though. We played cards and took pics there. Here's a few only,, just go to FB later.. :P


It's almost night and we were hungry, so we headed up to Tapex.
I got honey green tea, strawberry snow bubbles and popcorn chicken..yumm! :9 *pigging out* We played cards again for a while before picking up Peter, went to Poetri & Sophie's place and stayed for about three hours before going back.. and now I gotta sleep.. =u=
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20 May 2009 @ 05:28 pm

오빠... 만나구싶다..보구싶구...우리 언제보나??

아직인가요 내게 오는 길? 언제 오는거야?

걱정 마요 좀 늦어도, 여기서 내가 기다릴게요~~ ♥ ♥
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16 May 2009 @ 05:14 pm
Elle, Beto and Ci' Yoshe came to Seattle, so FA Teenz had reunion today. We met at Golden Garden beach. I went with Maria, Marcell and Peter. Michelle, Rachel and Ci' Yoshe were there already when we arrived. Then Jane and Derry came. We just sat there for awhile, ate ice creams, took pics, then straightly went to Downtown for dinner..

We ate shabu-shabu in Willy's auntie's Chinese restaurant. Feggi, Yoko and Kwan came and joined too. Elle, Beto and Egi arrived while we're almost done eating..haha =.= Then we went to Queen Anne..

Then we rushed to Pochi in U-District to get bubble teas. (are we hungry or what? XD) Played some games~ me + Elle = fail! the worst team, didn't know how to play at all xD then went back home.. :))*
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13 May 2009 @ 03:45 am
I've been thinking about me and Bin lately. I've been hiding the truth from everyone else and lying to others. At first I thought it's fine, but now it's getting tiring. Besides, I'm afraid that people will found out about this, sooner or later. I prefer to admit it rather than they figure it out by themselves. Should I just tell the truth?

But I'm scared with the risks. I don't want things to get tough on him. I don't want his fans to hate me either. Yes, I'm far from perfect and he deserves a much better girl. But still I couldn't endure if they hate me because of that. But then, I doubt my friends will believe me either even if I confess that. They must be laughing at me instead..

What to do now? If I keep lying, I might lose my friends; If I tell the truth, I might lose him. He, my family, my friends -- they all mean so much to me. I can't imagine to lose any of them for real. True, I'm not that close with others, but knowing that they're there is enough to make me happy. If no one else is on my side anymore.....
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29 April 2009 @ 01:52 pm

i love my baby so much.. i really do!! ハート ハート

psshh..he looks good, doesn't he?  一目ぼれ

everytime i see him, my heart is beating so fast~~ ダッシュ

miss him a lot, can't wait to see him again..涙ポロリ

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26 April 2009 @ 08:13 am

みんな、元気していた? ひまわり ひまわり


あたしは勉強する必要がありますので、 本

ここに新たな物語を書くのに時間がなかった。 めっちゃアセアセ


とにかく、今日の天気は本当に良いようだ! 太陽

これは私たち全員にとっても良い一日となることを願っ~~! ニッコニコ
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05 April 2009 @ 07:34 pm
Sunday morning. Went to church with family. Nothing different. I didn't even remember I'm going to leave tonight. I haven't do packing at all. We were lazying around a bit before visited Mami & Papi's house and picked them up for lunch. We went to "Sari Sanjaya". I ordered my fave menu: pindang ikan patin. Grabbed some tunu (grilled fishcake) from Dad and pempek pastel (fishcake with chopped papayas and ebi) from Mom, and some otak-otak from my little sister, hehe.. :D

After driving Mami & Papi to their home, we went back and started packing my stuff. Weww..there were too many gifts.. @___@" Tante Entin, Om Berni and Rama came, and we chat for about an hour before they left. Done with everything, we straightly headed to the airport. We arrived around 5 P.M. I need to check-in before 7 P.M., so we still had about two hours left.

My Dad said that I must eat, so we went to eat dinner at Hoka Hoka Bento. Then my sister got cranky and cried. I almost cry too, but I just made fun of her instead! haha.. :P She stopped crying and twitter a lot again. Then we just sat on the bench, chatting, joking whatsoever. It was finally 7 P.M. My sister took some pics of us before I went inside. Here is one of them...

7:34 P.M. -- here I am waiting inside, writing this journal to set aside my boredom. In less than half hour, the plane will take off to Singapore, heads to Japan before it arrives in Seattle. I'm sad to separate from my family, but it's fine. We're gonna meet again, anyway! ^-^ And I'm kind of excited because he'll be there again, haha.. <33 I hope everything goes well.. =)*
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04 April 2009 @ 09:40 pm
So.. today Mom, Ma'Li, Angel, Nathally and I went to Cibodas park. Mom's friend and her two kiddos joined us too. I actually wished we could go without anyone else. Not that I didn't like strangers, I just wanna have prime time with my family since I only have two weeks to stay here.. ;( Anyway, here are some pics taken there:

It was a really nice place. You could breathe in the fresh, clean air. Many pretty flowers here and there. But my poor feet were scraped and they hurt more because I was wearing high heels at that time. I hope tomorrow they're better already, so I can go hang-out freely again, haha.. (o'▽'o)9 ..Nighties, everyone~*
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27 March 2009 @ 09:06 pm
Today was our last day in Bandung. While waiting for Mami & Papi (grandparents from my Dad) to wake up, I accompanied my little sister swims in the pool on the roof-top. While Nathally was swimming, I sat near the pool, chatting with him. ^^ We never chat when my parents were around because I haven't tell them yet about our complicated relationship, so it was a rare opportunity! o( ^3・)o


After almost an hour, Papi came to call us. I was so lucky that Papi didn't ask me why I bought a laptop to the pool! If he asks, I would completely go blank because there is just no reason at all, haha.. xD In a short time, we were ready to continue our trip. We ate in hotel buffet already, but Papi was still craving for some peculiar food. So we went to eat the highly-distinctive nasi campur "Bintang" in Jalan Kelenteng. This small but popular restaurant serves the most tasty of this originally-Chinese concoction in Bandung! :9

Before headed back to Jakarta, we stopped by to buy brownies "Kemuning", batagor, pisang molen "Kartika Sari" and some other snacks. *No wonder most of us are..uhm..a bit too heavy! xD* We arrived in Jakarta around 7 P.M., dropped Mami & Papi to their home, and now we're finally back home. It's still 9 P.M. but I fell sleppy already.. Gotta sleep.. Gud nite, everyone~*
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26 March 2009 @ 11:27 pm
It's holiday in here! My parents, Mami & Papi (grandparents from my Dad), my little sister and I went to Bandung, West Java. My Dad got hotel vouchers for two rooms, so we decided to stay there until the next day. The room rate supposed to be around US$200 for each but we used them for free! Woohoo..!! xD

After long hours of driving from Jakarta, we finally arrived in Bandung. It was sunny and a bit breezy. I was very hungry.. ( ̄ε ̄) Discussion result: lunch at Kampoeng Daoen. Poor me had to wait for another half hour before we reached the restaurant... Luckily we got a good spot in short time! (∀)♪ The dine place was like an individual wood-hut with bamboo-and-linen curtain. We sat on the plaited mat (we called it "lesehan'''). While waiting for our order to come, my Mom took some pictures of us. That's why she wasn't in any of the picture..

And finally the order came!! Itadakimasu~~~*

These Sundanese food were all delicious.. (>ω<) My Mom ordered too much as always XD, so we didn't finish them and took the left-over (more like, half of the order) home. After done with yummy food, we went around the city and shopping all day long. We reached the hotel at around 10 P.M. I'm hella tired but today was really fun! Now I'm gonna go to sleep, so...bye now~*
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25 March 2009 @ 02:59 am

So.. I met my old friends again today!! ^o^ My little sister was there too.. We decided to meet at Mall Kelapa Gading 5. Melanie & Yuna arrived earlier, so they went to Sushi Tei and ordered first. After lost for awhile *I've never been there and my sister wasn't helping at all.. -___-*, we finally found them. I had been chatting with them before, so I didn't expect we would be really awkward to each other!! We had no idea what to talk about and just talked randomly..LOL!

Then we went to watch a movie. Instead of watching funny movie to ease ourselves, we watched "Whisper", which ends up making us much more quiet than before.. >w< Gosh, we've been strolling around the mall yet still were awkward to each other! But then we passed Timezone and they're like: "Wanna play?" There we started talking to each other =D We took many sketch-photos and played all those kind of stuff you would find in a game zone. We danced and laughed like crazy; I noticed some people stare at us, haha.. xD

Too bad, just when we start enjoying ourselves, we had to go home.
I was pretty upset because we have to separate again *err..sounds a bit cheesy, huh?*, but I'm glad it ended up well. I hope next time we can hang-out together again!! ^-^
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17 March 2009 @ 02:37 pm

CaN'T wAiT tO gO To iNdOneSia~!!!

yep, that's all i want to say.... *went off and continue packing..* XD
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08 March 2009 @ 02:53 pm

I'm Natasha, 18 years old, Indonesian; a college student in Seattle, USA. I speak Indonesian, English, a bit Japanese, and now I'm trying to learn Korean too. Lately I'm really into K-pop and I listen to FTIsland a lot.. *of course I support my bf the most xP* I'm often listening to C.N.Blue, A.N.JELL, Big Bang, DBSK, 2PM and some western artists as well.. ♪♪

Besides that, I also like traveling, hanging out with friends, taking pictures, cooking, watching TV shows and sleeping.. :P I have a normal life, but hopefully I could find something interesting everyday and write about it here. I wish to share my thoughts and feelings to family and friends too through this journal. Hope everyone else also enjoy reading my entries~ ^^*

PS: some earlier entries might have been copied from the other one because I'm lazy to rewrite xP and since I post there quite more often..hehe XDD

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